South-South Cooperation in a Digital Era – Launching Ceremony of South-South Galaxy

During the event, was launched a prototype of a global knowledge sharing and partnership brokering platform entitled “South-South Galaxy” that will be able to respond more systematically and effectively in supporting Southern countries’ demand to connect, learn and collaborate with potential partners digitally.

The platform "South-South Galaxy" will connect and unite all existing platforms, facilitating access, navigation and use for users to access a wide range of knowledge, solutions, research, and potential partners. Importantly, the South-South Galaxy will complement rather than replace or replace existing platforms globally, regionally or nationally. It will focus on the actions where it is most needed to benefit the functions and activities of each entity instead of being duplicated. The goal is to be as efficient and pragmatic as possible, connect and collaborate with networks, platforms and other existing agreements, create faster and greater access for all and promote the integration of resources for South-South cooperation. This goes directly to the heart of the South-South Galaxy, which is to add value instead of replacing or competing with ongoing efforts.

The launching ceremony was moderated by Ms. Xiaojun Grace Wang, Deputy Director of Programmes and Operations, United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC), who together with Mr. Xavier Michon, Deputy Executive Secretary of the United Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), Mr. Ian Thorpe, Chief, Learning and Knowledge Exchange, Division of Data Research and Policy of UNICEF, and Mr. Bobby Olarte, Senior Advisor, Inter-Country Cooperation of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), discussed the benefits and operation of the new platform.


At this stage, South-South Galaxy starts from the existing information of the relevant UN South-South cooperation agencies and will continue to expand new content, striving to be a one-stop search and the most comprehensive supply and demand docking platform for South-South cooperation.

During the trial run:

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