On top of the above, FCSSC may also provide the following added values to its Partners:


  • Global political and business network
    • Governmental and business relationships with 134 global South countries globally
    • Platform of communication with other Partners of FCSSC

  • International Influence

    • Being a part of the FCSSC Partnership network will boost up an organization's global reach and strengthen its international influence


services_icon01.pngBilateral Cooperation
  • Vulnerable to bilateral governmental relationships
  • Subject to other unstable factors
services_icon02.pngTrilateral Cooperation
  • As an independent third party and an NGO, FCSSC's participation and endorsement would boost the trust between the investors and investees, which puts additional security to the policy support a Project may receive, hence to reduce political influence over such business Projects
  • FCSSC’s financing capability could provide Projects with flexible funding structures and help satisfy other financial needs.

 Case 1  Case 2
additional_valueadd_icon01.png International Expansion of a car manufacturer
  • A car manufacturer intends to build manufacturing plants overseas in order to expand its international outreach.
  • FCSSC provide a thorough research and analysis of prospective countries and regions for expanding manufacturing capacities
  • Financial services, complemntary to the industiral project, were explored and prospective partnership identified
additional_valueadd_icon02.png International promotion of high-end technology
  • A Chinese company owns an environmental-friendly high technology, which already has large-scale industrial application in China.
  • The company seeks international partner to promote such high-tech internationally.
  • Appreciating such technology, FCSSC helps the Chinese company to find partners in their target country.
  • Once the first Project is up and running, FCSSC would promote the said technology globally through its platform.
  • FCSSC also arranged for finance for this Project.