Africa-China Poverty Reduction and Development Conference

On December 8-9,2015, Direct-General Mr. Wu Zhong, Director of Partners Relations Ms. Yao Zhen, and Director of International Affairs Coordination Ms. Zhang Jirong, attended the Africa-China Poverty Reduction and Development Conference in Johannesburg

The conference was jointly hosted by the China State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development(LGOP) and the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform of South Africa (DRDLR), co-organized by the International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC), the DRDLR and the Finance Center for South-South Cooperation(FCSSC).

The conference was attended by over 200 participants, including government officials from China and African countries including South Africa, Nigeria, Djibouti and Senegal, experts, scholars as well as representatives from international organizations, NGOs, the business community and the media. The theme of the forum was “Towards Post-2015 Africa-China Sustainable Cooperation on Poverty Reduction and Development”. Conference participants, through vibrant discussion, shared experience and challenge in poverty reduction of different countries, explored measures to implement the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and innovative ways for more effective China-Africa cooperation on poverty reduction. 

Minister of DRDLR of South Africa H.E.Mr. Gugile Nkwinti,Vice Minister of LGOP of China Mr. Hong Tianyun, Acting Counsel-General of China to Johannesburg, South Africa Mr. Yang Peidong, Director-General of FCSSC Mr. Wu Zhong, and United Nations Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in South Africa Mr. Gana Fofang addressed the opening ceremony of the Conference.

LGOP Vice Minister Hong Tianyun expressed in his remarks that China will give full play to IPRCC as a platform for international exchanges to further facilitate the sharing of experience among developing countries and submit Chinese solutions and contribute Chinese wisdom to the poverty reduction endeavor across the globe.

Director-General Wu Zhong said in his opening statement that China and African countries have made significant progress on poverty reduction since the establishment of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. FCSSC will focus on mobilizing private capitals and resources in an effort to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda and the deepening China-Africa cooperation in many fields related to poverty reduction, social and economic development

Speaking at the "Exploring China-Africa Cooperation to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" panel, Director Zhang Jirong said that the New Development Bank and the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank will play a major role in financing the development of African nations. On the basis of this, FCSSC will fully utilize the positional advantage of Hong Kong as an international financial center to leverage private capitals to complement public funding through PPP model. Moreover, PPP model will not only entails more financing but also a way of directing the management experience, technologies and skills into development projects. 

During the forum, FCSSC signed Memorandum of Understanding with the UNDP, the Made in Africa Initiative, the Abia State government of Nigeria, the Ministry of Finance of Djibouti, and the government of Senegal to promote and propel the industrialization of African countries by capturing the window of opportunity arising from relocation of industry from China.

The Africa-China Poverty Reduction and Development Conference, the predecessor of this year’s sub-forum, has been successfully held for 5 consecutive years since 2010, covering issues like poverty reduction experience of China and Africa, poverty reduction and agricultural development, poverty reduction and infrastructure as well as poverty reduction and Special Economic Zones. After 5 years’ hard-work of all parties, the conference has become a core platform for poverty reduction exchanges between China and Africa.