FCSSC Visits Wanda Commercial Management Group


On March 26, the Financial Center for South-South Cooperation (FCSSC) had a bilateral meeting with Wanda Commercial Management Group and both parties exchanged their views on future cooperation intentions. The attendees included FCSSC’s Vice President and Director General John Wu and Deputy Director General Qu Mingjiao, as well as Mr. Lai Jianyan, Senior Vice President of Wanda Commercial Management Group and President of Wanda Commercial Planning and Research Institute, and Mr. Zhang Zhen, Assistant to the President of Wanda Commercial Management Group and Executive Vice President of Wanda Commercial Planning and Research Institute.

According to Dr. Wu, FCSSC, under the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, provides capacity cooperation and experience sharing among and financial service for developing countries, and helps Chinese enterprises “go global” in response to the Belt and Road Initiative. It is committed to creating an industrial ecosphere that can realize sustainable development, combining technology and capital with the social and economic development of different countries.

Besides, Dr. Wu presented FCSSC’s case on Djibouti industrial park and underlined that FCSSC provided developing countries with consultancy on industrialization strategy and such services as standardization, policy design, industry positioning, industrial park planning, and enterprise settlement.

Dr. Wu recommended the Belt and Road Initiative: Developing Green Economies for Cities (3rd BRI Event) to be held in Vienna in October this year and the Summit on 40th Anniversary of South-South Cooperation to be held in Buenos Aires in April 2019. Both parties discussed whether it was feasible that FCSSC helped Wanda Commercial Management Group participate in relevant conferences and shared its experience.

Mr. Lai introduced Wanda Commercial Management Group’s Huiyun, Zhuyun and General Contract Awarding Mode (BIM). According to him, such technical innovation has an essential significance in South-South cooperation and is a unique product resulting from Chinese enterprises’ “going global.” He hoped that Wanda’s independent innovation might be promoted in developing countries with the help of FCSSC and assist them in driving economic and social development and improving people’s livelihood.

Moreover, Wanda Commercial Management Group introduced its Haryana Industrial New City in India, as well as activities, such as Global Green Intelligent Development Conference and Fashion Village, and Danzhai Poverty Alleviation Seminar, hosted or co-hosted by Wanda. Both parties had further discussions on future cooperation.


FCSSC, as a non-profit international organization incorporated in Hong Kong in April 2014, is a comprehensive platform that provides experience, expertise and technology exchanges, capacity cooperation and financial services for South-South cooperation under the framework of the UN agenda for sustainable development, with an aim to promote cooperation among governments and enterprises of developing countries, including international development organizations and assistance agencies, provide integral solutions to and facilitate the implementation of South-South cooperation projects, by taking successful models as guidance, industrial projects as carriers and financial service as means. With such efforts, FCSSC is devoted to helping developing countries accelerate industrialization and realize sustainable development, and making contributions to achieving sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

About Wanda Commercial Management Group

Wanda Commercial Management Group is the largest real estate company in the world and Wanda Group’s only business platform for commercial real estate investment and operation. Its core product is Wanda Urban Complex named after Wanda Plaza. There are over 200 Wanda Plazas in large and medium cities in China, with a total property area up to 33.23 million square meters.

About Wanda Commercial Planning and Research Institute

Wanda Commercial Planning and Research Institute is China’s only technical management and research organization engaged in planning, design and whole-process management and control of commercial and cultural tourism projects. It is responsible for the general layout, scheme design and other services for all projects developed by Wanda and undertakes the commercial architectural design of more than 30 million square meters every year.